Class testimonials

Justin and Laurence have taught yoga, meditation, tai chi and qi gong classes in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, New York and Nashville.

1) “I felt the class was very good, relaxing & informative. Justin is very pleasant, open, kind and peaceful presence. I’m very grateful I was able to participate in this.”

2) “I think Justin’s energy and personality is very positive, open, warm and friendly which makes the whole experience joyful, easy and helpful.”

3) “Really interesting class. Explanations were clear and easy to understand & follow.”

4) “The techniques were made very accessible to a first timer”

5) “Very interesting techniques – I’d not ever tried meditation before and hope to use these techniques on stressful days at work.”

6) “I have been attending Laurence’s Tai Chi class for the last two years.  Laurence is a wonderful teacher. He teaches in such a way that it is  very  easy to learn and understand. He is extremely patient and encouraging which makes it easier to learn. Laurence is very warm and caring which comes across in class. The movements are very gentle and subtle.  I feel more energized, focused and relaxed after class.” Olive

7) “I have found the Jade Sun Tai Chi / Qi Gong classes to be really excellent. They have helped me manage my musculoskeletal pain, improve my posture and reduce anxiety. The instructors are friendly and helpful, and the techniques are suitable for all levels of mobility. I hope the classes continue – I’d even like to see them extended!” Padraig

8) “I enjoy learning TaiChi because of the following reasons. The Tai Chi has taught me the importance of slowing down and giving thought to your inner body and its health. The mind /body connection is fundamental to our well being and giving time to this improves our well being. Learning TaiChi  has helped me to further develop my awareness of body tension and this has been of great benefit to me regarding an illness I had some twelve years ago.

I got shingles in my eye and head and would get regular recurrent post hepathic pain and eye infection. The practice of the four principles and lowering the shoulders has become a daily practice and I discovered that when  I have discomfort, this practice reduces the pain.

Thank you for all your efforts. With Kind Regards.” Shirley

9) “I started Tai Chi classes with Laurence Reddin from Jade Sun School, and all I can say is wow! Laurence is such an insightful and patient teacher. He doesn’t just teach the sequence of movements, but also how to FEEL those movements within your body, to calm, relax, strengthen and energise your whole being, body mind and spirit. The classes have definitely become part of my self preservation routine!

I would recommend Laurence’s classes to anyone, any age, male or female because everyone can benefit from Tai Chi!” Phil – Knocklyon

10) “I have been taking Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes for over 1 year. I am the type of person that is always taking new classes. However I find myself compelled to continue with Tai Chi and Qi Gong. I feel happy and relaxed after each class. I have carried out concepts from the class that have been incorporated in everyday life. I feel more connected to my surroundings. I use the 4 principles and the breath to focus me. I will continue my journey.” Melissa

11) “If you know absolutely nothing about Tai Chi, Laurence gives a great introduction, explains and makes sense of it all.  I’ll definitely be continuing with the classes.” Edwina

Seminar & workshop testimonials

Justin and Laurence have provided seminars and workshops in national and international organisations such as Pfizer, Enable Ireland & Dun and Bradstreet.

Here are a small portion of some of the excellent reviews they received:

1) “Meditation was very helpful. I have found a big difference in my condition before and after class – become more relaxed. It would be great if we had something like this more often. Thank you very much Justin.”

2) “Easy to follow, good explanations & calming. Really enjoyed it. Thank you.”

3) “It was particularly enjoyable to have this time and space at work”

4) “Was all very good and interesting. Would be a good idea to introduce this kind of workshop more often. Thanks.”

5) “The conscious breathing helped me release tension from my head, neck and shoulders. And my headache is gone!”

6) “Excellent intro to meditation. Felt very relaxed afterwards.”

7) “I would highly recommend The Care for The Self Course with Laurence. I found it beneficial for dealing with the challenges of daily life and a tool to heal and grow. really enjoyed it.” Janette

8) “I recently completed the Jade Sun School ‘Care for The Self’ Meditation program, which was facilitated by Laurence Reddin and I found it very beneficial and really well structured.

It was run over four half days, once a month and I found this breakdown of the course suited me very well, as it gave me time to absorb and practice what we had covered in each module and discover any questions I had before the next module.

I feel that there is great integrity both in the content and the delivery of the course – Laurence is an excellent instructor and facilitator – any questions we had were dealt with in an honest, helpful and engaging way. 

I now have learned enough during the course to be able to practice regularly myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel a huge benefit from it and I intend to bring the meditation into my daily life. 

I highly recommend this course and I want to continue to discover and feel its benefits in my life on an ongoing basis. Thank you Lar.” Rita

Private consultation testimonials

Justin and Laurence have provided treatments in Carrickmines, Sandycove, Rathmines, Co. Dublin and New York and Nashville USA:

“I attended Justin initially with insomnia a few months ago. I have found his assessments to be very thorough and his diagnosis very accurate. Justin brings a comprehensive range of skills to his practice and integrates them seamlessly, appropriately and professionally. He engaged me honestly and compassionately inviting me to engage in my own healing process which I found to be very empowering. My sleep has improved significantly and nocturia which I have had for years is now gone. I would have no hesitation in recommending Justin as a Therapist.”


“Justin was an incredible instructor who clearly explained the theory and process in the consultation of which I took great value, As a bit of a skeptic to this particular type of thing, I was amazed by the simplicity and logic of the work he offered. I took great value from the consultation and am delighted to have seen how these healing therapies can help me personally”