The Heart Rose Centre for Healing was founded in 2016. It came from Laurence and Justin’s desire to help people in their healing efforts.

The Heart Rose Centre offers a wide variety of holistic treatments that are suitable for all people. You can contact either of us to make an appointment or if you require any further information about therapies.

About Justin

I have been studying holistic healing systems since the age of 19 and have been extremely fortunate to have worked or studied in America, UK, India, and Ireland gaining accreditation in a number of nourishing and powerful holistic treatments.

I qualified in Solar Sound Healing from the Jade Sun School in 2010 and since then completed courses in the Phytobiophysics Institute, Jersey, UK, in Immunology, Heartlock theory, Podo-Rhacidian therapy, and Flower & Tree essence healing as well as attaining my Yoga teaching certificate from The Yoga Alliance & Crown Centre in 2015.

I am delighted to be able to provide a program for the health, healing, and development of children with disabilities which I believe is of the utmost importance as disabilities, especially of an intellectual nature are rapidly increasing.

Currently, I am continuing my studies in Qi Gong with the Jade Sun School of Tai Chi & Qi Gong and continue my yoga, ayurvedic nutrition, and meditation efforts.

For me The Heart Rose Centre is about the service of any individual who wishes to heal and develop personally. It has a wealth of beautiful knowledge within it that can bring about profound healing. I’m delighted that I can help in this effort with Laurence.

My intention in all of this work is to facilitate healing and help us in our efforts to be as healthy & happy as possible.

About Laurence


In my early 20s, I had ongoing back pain and fatigue. After trying many therapies, I tried Solar Sound Healing with Gary Collins, (founder of The Jade Sun School). My condition improved vastly. As a result of this, I began studying and training with The Jade Sun School in 2005. The training I received (please see below) with The School has become the cornerstone of my life. It has helped me on all levels. I simply wish to offer what I have learned to help other people to heal, evolve and to become all of who they are in their lives.

I’m very lucky to have the help and support of my brother, Justin and to be doing our work together. I currently offer Solar Sound Healing and Tai Chi/Qi Gong classes in Greystones and Dublin.

I live in Greystones with my wife, Carolyn and our daughter, Sofia-Grace. I am also very lucky to have their love and support!



Certificate in Spiritual Development-The Jade Sun School (2005-2012).

Certificate in Solar Sound Healing-The Jade Sun School (2008).

Certificate in Phytobiophysics Flower Remedies and Heart Lock Theory, Phytobiophysics Institute, (2013).

Certified Tai Chi and Qi Gong InstructorThe Jade Sun School of Tai Chi and Qi Gong (2013-2015).

Meditation Instructor Training-The Care For The Self-The Jade Sun School (2017).

The Jade Way- The Path of The Compassionate Heart-Qi Gong. The Jade Sun School of Tai Chi and Qi Gong (2017-2019).